Hello! My name is Abbey

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….and I hope you learn something today that will surprise you.

I was born and raised just outside of Boston as the daughter of two entrepreneurs. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Information Systems. It was then I took an interest in the intersection between technology and public policy.

I never expected to be an entrepreneur myself but sometimes, unexpected opportunities come along. It is my mission to uplift voices around so that they are afforded the same opportunities that they deserve.

As a leader, I’m always thinking about how to improve myself, my team, and my community. In my professional life, I run the non-profit organization re:Bloom, with the mission of closing the digital literacy gap in the community. I am also a coding instructor and mentor for women and girls looking to build their careers.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music (especially live!), going on long walks, trying new foods, visiting new countries, and getting competitive on the pickleball courts.

re:Bloom is a non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, PA. We make web services accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

Our 10 Week Website Bootcamp is aimed at traditionally underserved communities, such as women and minority-owned small businesses, to overcome the technology gap. We understand that businesses come to us with varying backgrounds and resources, so we seek to find technical solutions that are tailored to the business needs, budgets, and technical abilities of each organization.

We started in Pittsburgh and partnered up with organizations like Bridgeway Capital, Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority, and Neighborhood Allies to further the reach of our efforts and are constantly looking to partner with more! Since our founding, we’ve connected over 100 volunteers to 65 small businesses (and counting!)


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// Coding Instructor

I love sharing my knowledge. From informal mentorship to coding classes, I want to inspire the next generation to understand the power of technology and how to use it responsibly.

Over the last couple years, I’ve used tools like Scratch, Scratch Jr., TinkerCAD, and other online tools to introduce programming and engineering principles. I’ve worked with school administration to introduce after school programming electives. I get to know my students on a personal level, often times taking their interests into account when lesson planning.

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